Escapism stands for more of a concept than a band due to Bryan Nickerson being it's only member. In his words, "I still call Escapism a band because every person who believes in what it stands for is as much apart of this as I am." Escapism encompasses the stance the band takes towards depression, anxiety, insecurity, and the troubles of our daily lives. This stance states that music is not only therapy for many, but our greatest escape when overwhelmed by the voices in our heads. "Even though I may be alone on stage it truly never feels that way. The connection made through live music between those who participate in my live show and myself is something truly special. This connection makes all the hard work on and off the stage truly worth it. It's what I've always dreamt of doing." 


His energetic sound translates well to his theatrical live performance consisting of dancing, singing, rapping, and leaping off his homemade piano stand at the most climatic moments. The band's motto "Find Your Escapism" burns bright on the back's of those who are apart of the band. Bryan then finalizes every show with the words, "Thank you for being my greatest escape, now go out and find yours."